The Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) program has been a part of their school for 40 years. Originally thought up as a cure for "senioritis", the program dual-enrolls secondary school students in both the high-school they attend and Syracuse University. Under the guidance of a Syracuse approved adjunct professor, the students in high school have the opportunity to take real college courses for college credit. Not only does this effectively combat coasting at the end of high school and prepare the students by giving them a realistic college experience, but it awards the boys currency for their future. The credits attained in SUPA courses obviously transfer to Syracuse itself, but also boast an impressive acceptance rate of 95%.

South Kent School is proud to partner with SUPA to bring our best and brightest even more opportunities. AP Courses used to be the ceiling for high school students, but now our most motivated boys can literally leave high school with almost universally accepted college credit to their name. Fifth and Sixth Form boys are able to enroll in these courses, and an impressive 40 boys on average take advantage of this setup. We look forward to continually growing this program and adding more options for our boys to be the most college-ready they can be.

Courses currently offered in the SUPA program include Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, and Entrepreneurship. New courses may be added based on interest and faculty expertise. Our full course offering list can be seen HERE.

For questions about the SUPA program please email: [email protected]

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